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You might ask where did the name Red Door Farms come from? Since the Middle Ages a red door has been the symbol of a safe haven; in the Chinese art of feng shui a red door brings luck to those who live behind it. We want everyone that calls Red Door Farms “home” to share in the good fortune.

  • Relaxed, no drama atmosphere
  • Stall & barn fans
  • Hot and cold wash rack
  • Fully lighted and sprinklered jumping arena
  • 60′ round pen
  • 12 x 12 & 16 x 12 fully matted stalls with large attached runs
  • Individual mare motel stalls – 16 x 16 fully covered and matted pens
  • Far Paddock 100 x 75 with 16 x 16 shelter
  • Small arena and turn out area
  • Sandy footing

Located on approximately 40 acres, we have a raised center aisle barn with 16 x 12 and 12 x 12 stalls each equipped with fans and 40′ runs. Dutch front stall doors, solid rear paddock doors, hanging feeders and automatic waters.  The barn has a 16 foot breezeway with energy-efficient lighting and fans throughout to promote airflow in warm weather. We also have front and rear doors on the barn breezeway to fully enclose the barn during winter.  There are several groom/tack areas and an electronically locked tack room. The barn has a front RCA porch and a rear gable porch for spectators to view lessons as well as a table and chairs by the round pen.

Although we live on the property, there are day and night-vision cameras installed throughout the facility.  They offer remote control, rotational access so we are able to keep an eye out day and night.

The main lighted, sprinklered arena has a full set of quality jumps, sandy footing and is maintained regularly with a West Coast Footing groomer.  We also offer a turn-out arena, round pen and hot and cold wash rack area.

  • Boarding prices start at $250 – Please Inquire LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE